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Autherine Lucy

Autherine Lucy

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This web site was created for a literature project.  The project was to expand your knowledge of the people, situations, time periods, and events which are significant to the plot, theme, or character development of the novel To Kill A Mockingbird.  
Autherine Lucy went to public schools throughout junior high. She attended high school at Linden Academy and graduated in 1947. After high school, Lucy attended Selma University where she received her undergraduate degree in english. Lucy then enrolled at the University of Alabama. She was admitted, and that was where her troubles began. Lucy expected to be isolated. What she didn't expect was for mobs to throw rocks and rotten eggs at her for crowds to set fireworks off heading straight for her. People tried to aide Luchy by driving her to her classes, but the insults, threats, and dangers were so great that the university expelled Lucy for her own saftey. Lucy got on with her life, but then returned to Alabama in 1988 to speak to students. One student asked her if she had ever tried to enroll again. Lucy's answer was no, but later that year she enrolled again. Finally in 1992, Lucy graduated from the Universety of Alabama with a degree in elementry in education.

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What else besides Autherine Lucy influenced Haper Lee while writing To Kill A Mockingbird?
  • Events, situations, people, and places
-Jim Crow era
-"Seperate But Equal" doctrone
-Emmitt Till
-Martin Luther King Jr.
-Scottsboro Trials
-Rosa Parks
-Harper Lee's life in Monroeville, Alabama 
  • Certain aspects of the 1930's
-Franklin D. Roosevelt's presidency
-Attitudes about women in the south during the 1930's
-Racism in the south during the 1930's
  • Significant events in the 1950's and 1960's
-Brown vs. Board of Education
-Montogemery Bus Boycott
-Civil Rights Movement
-Bombing of Biringham church
  • Literature by black writers
-Langston Hughes
-Maya Angelou
-Alice Walker
-Gordon Parks

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